Mei Mei – A Boston Food Truck and Restaurant

Locally sourced & made with love


Thanks for stopping by! Click HERE to see our truck menu tumblr, updated almost daily. The restaurant lunch and dinner menus are available online at the bottom of the Restaurant page.

Whether you’ve visited our truck or just seen us online, you’ve probably noticed that our menu changes often. This happens for several reasons: 1) we value our local sourcing partnerships with small farmers and producers who sometimes have limited supplies, 2) we source seasonally based on what’s available locally in the beautiful Northeast and c) it’s more fun that way!

We also serve only pasture-raised, humanely slaughtered meat, sourced locally within 100 miles of Boston. As a result, sometimes our meat items are limited but we think it’s important to both offer vegetarian items and make sure that you can come to us and always know you are eating great quality meat from antibiotic- and hormone-free, ethically raised animals at an affordable price. Plus, we do our own butchering from whole pigs and large cuts of beef!

We love coming up with creative new dishes to showcase our ingredients in the best possible ways. Part of the idea behind our food truck and restaurant  is a constantly changing menu – our concept involves trying out new dishes and getting to experiment with lots of interesting seasonal food from local producers and suppliers. We enjoy creating new items for people (especially our regulars who have told us they enjoy seeing what’s new every day) and making people happy with delicious food! However, we know that sometimes makes people sad when they really liked a certain dish and then came back to find it’s not on the menu anymore. If something you love isn’t available, let us know and we’ll do our best to bring it back.

Any questions, comments, thoughts, recipe requests, let us know. Above all, thank you for coming and enjoying our food. We love seeing you out there!

We accept cash, cards, and LevelUp