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Adventures in Truck Painting

This past weekend, we invited Josh Sperling, our pal and designer and truck painter – a jack of all trades, really - to Jamaica Plain to paint our truck. And what fun we had! Saturday was too sunny. Sunday was too windy. And both days were really, really cold – that is – until we decided that we were done. Then it warmed up!

All that aside, though, we couldn’t be happier with how our truck looks. We’ll be adding more design elements, text, and of course, menu and info boards in the next few days and weeks. It was especially great to be involved in the process of painting our truck by hand – getting ourselves covered in paint, freezing our butts off, accidentally inhaling too many fumes, etc. Big thanks to Josh for teaching us how this auto paint stuff works and having us be a part of the paint job. Big thanks are also due to all our neighbors who were not only hospitable, but also gracious as they drove around us, and very friendly too!

Anyway, we know next to nothing about truck fabrication, metalwork or equipment installation – thankfully our builders have all that covered – so this was something we could really sink our teeth into to make the truck feel like it’s ours. We’re so excited!

Wondering how we did it? We’ll give you the play by play.

First, we projected the design onto the truck. For this you need a big space, and not too much sunlight, so we did it in a secret location in JP (Andy’s place) in the dead of night.

Then we taped off the edges of the image.

For the small lettering, instead of using tape we cut the letters out of sticky paper attached to the truck (“sticky paper” is of course the technical name).

After that, we sanded, sealed the edges with white paint to prevent bleeding, and got out the paint!

The yellow needed about three coats, while the blue needed about two. Josh worked on the right side while we sanded, sealed, and painted on the left. Make sure to always wear a mask for optimum safety and hilariousness while sanding!

We enlisted some additional help. Tall people are useful. As are stepstools.

And just like that, we were done! We still have some touchups and additions ahead of us, but we’re pretty excited about how the truck looks. Thanks again, Josh!

And when you’re driving by us, be sure to look in your rearview mirror for a special message!

Can’t wait to see you on the street!

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