Mei Mei – A Boston Food Truck and Restaurant

Locally sourced & made with love

Mei Mei Street Kitchen hits the streets of Boston, 3rd week of April…

We’re gearing up for our launch and want to keep everyone informed…fingers crossed, we’ll be out on the streets the 3rd week of April! We may not have a complete paint job, we may not have a full menu, and we will certainly be working out lots of kinks in what we’re envisioning as a soft opening week. However, we want to be serving up delicious dumplings and pork bun happiness as soon as possible, so we’re setting a goal and very much hoping to stick to it. As pretty much every restaurateur in the history of the world – brick & mortar or mobile – has experienced, we’re facing a few hiccups outside our control, but we’re pushing to get out there asap!

Even though it might be a little later than planned, we’re still going to celebrate like nobody’s business when we first hit the road. What does that mean to us? MACARONS. Yep. AND FREE STUFF. Who doesn’t love those two things? Here’s the deal: everyone who makes a purchase in our first week of operation will receive a French macaron, handmade by me (Mei, middle sis). I’ve been obsessively baking them for the last few months and it’s time to start spreading the love. Yes, that means every customer our first week will get one of these little guys while supplies last:

Plus, we’re running a promotion – we’ll pick three random winners, one from each of our new Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Yelp reviewers from now until the macaron giveaway is over to receive an awesome prize…

A massive meal consisting of a little bit of everything on the menu, plus a box of macarons! Yes, it will be awesome. Yes, it will be free. Yes, you can share the meal with other people, but we bet if you try really hard you can finish it on your own. 

So, friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or tell us what you think after trying our food on Yelp and be entered to win!

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  1. holy moly! i loooooove macarons! soooo can’t wait until you gals hit the road! already follow you all on twitter & FB…exciting! (i loves me some food truck action…if you can’t already tell) ^_^