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We Love Small & Local!

We’re all about buying local.  As a company (by which I mean three siblings who squabble not too infrequently about various small decisions but manage to agree on this particular issue), we try to incorporate a local philosophy into everything we do. We’re having our truck built in Everett, we’re getting all our professional recommendations through businesses in Greater Boston and we even use our neighborhood bank down the street where we opened our first savings accounts so many years ago,

Obviously, as a food company, we try to buy as much of our food locally as possible – if not in Massachusetts, then ideally elsewhere in New England.  Our meat is from Massachusetts and Vermont, our vegetables are grown primarily in Rhode Island and Mass, and Irene even contributed a significant amount of her bank account yesterday to help support a Maine grist mill and food hub on Kickstarter. We started with a Gruyere cheese in our beef dumpling – I could eat a block of Gruyere a day – but are planning to switch to a local blue cheese to support our regional cheesemakers. Because the more cheese you have nearby, the better your life is.

Of course, sometimes it’s just not really possible to buy things locally. For us, this will sometimes mean not using certain ingredients, especially if Irene has her way. Other times, we will scour the interwebs or ask around until we find a cool local company that imports these more exotic items and support their business. This resulted in a very happy day yesterday of tea tasting at Mem Tea Imports in Somerville. Sitting around sipping various teas might just be an ideal way to spend a morning, especially with help of the very nice Suanne and a happy dog Roxy cavorting around our feet.

We picked out a few iced teas for the truck, including a smooth Black & Green blend, a warm and jasmine-y Golden Green and a bright and tart Crimson Berry herbal. We’ll probably rotate two of the teas and see what people think – if there’s something you’d like to see for drinks on the truck, let us know! I loved this glass of Mexican hibiscus Jamaica tea – bright red, sweet, fruity and delicious.

Speaking of small & local, we spotted a very aesthetically pleasing bottle of beer on the counter at Mem. Being curious (read: nosy) like I am, I grabbed the bottle and was psyched to see one of the first creations from a very very small brewery called Night Shift – they call themselves a nanobrewery – originally based out of a Somerville kitchen and now open in Everett. Having recently gotten into craft beer and local brews such as my new obsession Bantam Cider, we were excited to read all the interesting information on the Night Shift label and learn how they also work with Somerville fave Taza Chocolate. How cool are all these local partnerships? Best of all, they’re opening the brewery for the first time this weekend for tours. Beer sampling Saturday, here we come.

To round off the small & local morning, we had to walk up the block to our new Somerville hangout which we’ve basically been hitting up on a weekly basis – the adorable, beautifully designed, full-of-baked-goodness 3 Little Figs Cafe. Tell me you don’t want to eat one of these sparkling-with-sugar apple cider donut muffins or overflowing French toast muffins:

I am also just a leetle bit obsessed with these DIY industrial mixer hanging lamps that the 3 Little Figs crew made from salvaged mixer parts.  They will be mine someday.

Best way to end a small & local morning? Greek cheese pie straight out of the oven, a Market sandwich with prosciutto, arugula, tomatoes and fig jam on francese bread, and excellent cappucinos from our Ithaca favorite, Gimme coffee.

We’ll be including more local finds on our adventures about town in getting this food truck off the road.  Hooray for Greater Boston businesses! If you grow, produce, make, import, or brew something delicious, we’re coming for you…

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